Stanley John Mitchell

The Kiwi Music Man in NYC

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Stanley John Mitchell arrived in the US as drummer and songwriter for the legendary New Zealand alternate band 'The Drongos'. That band became well established on the post-punk American college circuit throughout the 1980's. Two albums and one single were released on the Proteus label. The second album, 'Small Miracles', reached number five on the then highly influential College Music charts. After that band's breakup in 1986 Stan went on to various free-lance projects eventually landing as drummer for the renowned Long Island based Americana band 'The Lone Sharks', fronted by the great Gene Casey. 

In the late 90's Stan moved to Los Angeles for seven years, again playing as free-lance drummer on the Americana circuit, playing casino's and night clubs throughout the South-West. During this time he also founded and co-led the Lounge-groove band, 'Dirty Martini'.

 In 2005 Stan founded his own project, Stanley John Mitchell and his Band of Buddies. This band is based out of Brooklyn and is a regular feature on the bustling Brooklyn music scene.

Stan's music is an exotic mixture of South Sea sensibility and the Americana music he loves so much.